About Innotec Healthcare

As a newly formed medical device distribution company, we wanted to focus on the Regenerative and Sports Medicine market. The patients we can help in this area have previously had to suffer with the long term pain as they were unsuitable for major joint surgery due to their age or other medical conditions. We want to provide innovative day surgery treatments that can help patients regain their quality of life without the need for hospital stays.

Innotec Healthcare was established in November 2021 by Managing Director Ruvindra De Alwis who was joined in January 2022 by the UK Sales Director Stuart Sheffield. Our combined experience in the medical device market exceeds 40 years.

Our product portfolio will ensure that we will quickly become one of the largest independent distributors. Our customers, patients and employees will be at the forefront of everything we do with Integrity, trust and loyalty.

Innotec have also signed an exclusive UK distribution agreement with Biotek an Indian based sports medicine company. Their ethos, integrity and values match those of ours and we are excited to have this opportunity launch their extensive portfolio in the UK.

We really look forward to you joining us on our journey.