Collagen Scaffold for Tissue Regeneration

A collagen-based tissue supplement that is used as a scaffold for the regeneration of articular cartilage. Coltrix CartiRegen provides the optimal biological material for use as a barrier membrane and is the only CE approved collagen gel to be used for chondral defects.

Features of COLTRIX

Excellent Biocompatible

Low Immunogenicity

Support for Regeneration

Curative Treatment

Minimize Inflammatory Response

Aseptic Salt Precipitation

Properties of COLTRIX

Forms highly viscous gels gel at pH 7 and 37°C

Rapid gel time 5-10 minutes

Ideal for 3D scaffolds to promote cell proliferation and migration

Can be diluted to provide a broad range of pore sizes

Suitable carrier for cells and bioactive molecules

Can be mixed with living cells, BMC/PRP or proteins such as fibrinogen

Biomaterials for the Future

Serve as Replacement for
Bone Grafts

Applicable for All Age Groups

Supplements PRP/Stem Cells

Provides a holistic
Regenerative approach

Why collagen scaffolds?

Low immunogenicity and biodegradable.

Porous structure with good permeability.

Regulate differentiation and migration of osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

Promote synthesis of bone and cartilage matrix.

Suitable carrier for cells and bioactive molecules

3D matrix directing regeneration of the osteo-cartilagenous tissue.