BioLatarjet® (Latarjet / Coracoid Process Transfer)

Biofiber®BioFiber® is a braided sterile surgical fiber prepared from fibres of ultra-high molecular weight long chain linear polyethylene. BioFiber® elicit a BioFiber® Loop is a continuous loop of BioFiber® with straight needle. The needles are easy to

The BioLatarjet® System was designed to help surgeons address the complex issue of anterior glenoid bone loss associated with trauma, bony Bankart, recurrent dislocation or unstable shoulder.

Unique instrumentation helps in making the Latarjet technique more convenient. The Coracoid holding forceps helps in grasping coracoid process and prepare the graft. The curved osteotome is specially designed for coracoid graft retrieval. Retractors provided in the set ensures easy exposure of the joint.

LCS cannulated screw, Dia. 3.75mm

The flat head design provides a flat surface on the coracoid to minimize stress risers and coracoid fractures. 1.3mm cannulation accepts 1.2mm flexible guide wire. Self-tapping and partially threaded with 2.7mm non threaded core diameter design provides compression lag effect and pull-out strength. Available in lengths from 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40mm.

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LCS cannulated screw, Dia. 3.75mm

BioLatarjet® Instruments Set

*Minimum 2 pcs are required for the surgery