Flexi Cannulated Reamers

Product Features

  • Provides an accurate and reproducible system for anatomic cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • The unique puzzle cut design allows for forward and reverse drilling
  • Reaches more inferior and anterior sites on the lateral condyle than conventional reamers
  • Low Profile head enables precise intra-articular placement and safe tunnel creation
  • No need to hyperflex the knee while drilling through medial portal
  • Does not mitigate potential for damage to peripheral cartilage, bone or soft tissue
  • Reamers are available in 5.0mm to 10.0mm diameters with 0.5mm increments
  • Cannulated design to be used with 2.4mm flexible guide pin
  • 4.7mm reamer is available for use with ONButton CL® and Buttonfix® fixation techniques

Ordering Information

Note : *Flexi Cannulated Reamers are supplied in set only and available for Indian market only.