LOW PROFILE cancellous bone screw And SPIKED WASHER

Product Features

  • The low-profile screw and washer combination provides 31% to 50% lower profile than competitive versions.
  • Low profile cancellous screw and spiked washer set provide continuous strength for soft tissue fixation to bone.
  • Low profile head to reduce soft tissue irritation.
  • Can be used as a post screw for suture or soft tissue fixation.
  • Ideal for ACL, PCL, collateral ligament or posteriolateral reconstruction.
  • Unique washer design with spikes on the inferior surface provides excellent fixation of soft tissue to bone.
  • Low profile cancellous screws available in diameter 4.0mm and 6.5mm. Spiked washers also available in small and large size accordingly.
  • Material -Titanium alloy.

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