ONButton CL®

New CL construct

Continuous loop of suture braid eliminates the need for knot tying and allows for a larger portion of graft to reside in the tunnel.

Product Features

Preloaded with braided sutures (#7 Biofiber®, white-blue as Pulling/leading suture and #5 polyester, green as Flipping suture)for added procedure efficiency.

Greater strength
Tested for UTS-Ultimate Tensile Strength. Meets or exceeds 2200 N. Highest failure load compared to competitive technologies

Accommodates various graft lengths
One size titanium button is available with multiple pre-measured loop sizes of 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40mm lengths.

Truly endoscopic procedure
Does not require a second incision.

Solid fixation 
for either primary or auxiliary fixation in ACL or PCL reconstruction.

Clinically Proven
Supported by over 100000 cases of clinical success all over India and abroad.

Promotes insertion site healing
Rests on the cortical bone surface

Strong cortical fixation
Provides dependable fixation regardless of cancellous bone quality

Provides tactile “flipping” feedback
Ensures proper seating of device

Hassle-free revision surgeries
Standard technique allows for arthroscopic revision without lateral incision and bone removal

Most comprehensive line of femoral fixation solutions
Can be used in Single-Bundle soft tissue fixation; Double-Bundle soft tissue fixation; Bone-Tendon-Bone fixation

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