Interference screw, Titanium

Product Features

  • Specifically designed for endoscopic femoral fixation where graft protection is needed.
  • Polished, fully radiused threads provide maximum graft protection.
  • Wide-bore cannulation for easy guide wire insertion and removal.
  • The Taper-Tip style offers sharper initiating threads and a more pronounced taper for faster, easier insertion.
  • Designed to reduce the possibility of bone plug migration during placement.
  • Round head reduces possibility of graft damage during or after implantation.
  • Universal screw for either tibial or femoral applications.
  • Standard 4.5mm hex for easy insertion and removal.
  • Cannulated for use with a guide wire.
  • Material -Titanium alloy.

Ordering Information

Guide Wire for SOFTFIX-PK® interference screws
Single use (SS), includes calibration marks to assist in screw placement

Cannulated screwdriver for SOFTFIX-PK® interference screws
Cannulated for ease of use with guide wires