VIMFIX®-BT Ligament Anchor (Knotless)

The VIMFIX®-BT Tenodesis implants are designed for all-arthroscopic proximal biceps tenodesis. The efficient system is designed to save steps and minimize the length of the procedure. The implants feature a unique PEEK tip that is used to steer the biceps tendon to the bottom of the bone socket without the need to externalize or whipstitch the tendon. There is no need to predetermine tendon length, as position and tension are easily set and visualized prior to final anchor insertion.

Strong fixation is obtained by simply advancing the preloaded VIMFIX®-BT Tenodesis Screw. The system also features Tenodesis Fluted Solid reamers with built-in guide tips that eliminate the need to ream over a guide pin. The average pull-out strength of VIMFIX®-BT ligament anchor (knotless) is 470.8 N*.

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