VIMFIX-PK® Ligament Anchor, PEEK

The SUPER-VIM® design incorporates a cancellous thread with a small core diameter to maximize pull-out strength in cancellous or osteoporotic bone. It is available in 5.0mm diameter loaded with 2 pcs fiber wVIMFIX-PK® is a fully threaded suture anchor featuring dual threads to maximize cortical and cancellous fixation, has a covered saddle tip to protect the sutures and is cannulated to channel growth factors. Fully threaded; Cancellous and cortical threads provide exceptional fixation strength. VIMFIX-PK® anchors are available in 4.5mm and 5.5mm diameters. It can be used in many of the foot and ankle surgeries where soft tissue to bone fixation required like Achilles Tendinosis Repair, Ankle Instability Repair etc.

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